Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Queens in the valley of the kings

Well it's ture there are about 3 queens buried in the valley of the kings but only one important Queen, Hatsepsut!!!!!! they have uncovered all of the 3 tombs but they don't know who the other 2 queens are.

The most important kings and queens*****

The most important kings were King Tutankhamun,Queen Hatshepsut,The sons of RamessesII and a lot more..They really important kings and queens had there tombs near each other.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the huge valley of the kings

The valley of the kings is 2700 miles Long (now that's huge). the valley of the kings has 62 tombs, but people have only uncovered about 32 tombs.which i can't believe because they are ready uncovered 32 why can't they uncover 30 more. -

Monday, December 15, 2008

valley of the kings a secret not??

The valley of the kings were kept a secret because the did not want thief's to steal form the Pharaohs. You may be wondering how it was kept a secret so was I intell I found out and it was kept a secret by not telling people about this so anyone could not get anything for the kings and queens.

valley of the kings surves a purpouse !

The valley of the kings is a place were all of the kings were buried. the purposes of it was to hid the body so thief's won't get there valuables . Which i don't get because the thief's got there valuables anyway!!